Your online Farm Shop

Sell & order sustainable food online.

With PIELERS farmers, food manufacturers and craftsmen can easily sell their products online. It is our mission to promote direct distribution in order to increase the farmer's profits, increase their freedom and support local shops. We believe that higher producer prices and transparency will spur innovation in food production, sustainability and animal welfare! At the same time food will not become more expensive for private- and business customers, as we are cutting out all unnecessary levels of trade. With the PIELERS Cloud, which is optimized for all channels and devices, we connect farmers directly with their customers and make selling and ordering healthy foods easier than at a grocery store. We are convinced that farmers and their customers can make food supply more sustainable and independent with our solution.

Start selling online, now!
  • higher producer prices
  • free farm profile
  • online marketing
  • strong partner network
Start selling online, now!
Your Free online Farm Shop
  • inventory
  • delivery schedule
  • payment (Paypal, Klarna, Visa, ...)
  • different shipping methods (DPD, DHL, Dachsa,...)
  • automated orders
  • customer communication
  • support & training 

Your Free online Farm Shop

Support your farmer!

At PIELERS, we believe in the independence of local farmers and a decentralized food supply. That's why the farmers set their prices, sell directly to their customers and show their face and mission. PIELERS works in the background and ensures a smooth transaction and an extraordinary user experience.


Your Story. Your Mission. Your Product.

Discover the story behind the product. Every PIELERS partner may present itself and its mission and show what really matters. Use the free PIELERS account to open your online farmer shop - without any fix-costs or deep IT knowledge.